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Coolest Rorschach Costume

by Andrew G
(Fort Wayne, IN)

Rorschach Costume - Side-by-Side with the Original

Rorschach Costume - Side-by-Side with the Original

For those who don’t know, Rorschach is the main anti-hero of the graphic novel “Watchmen” which is being adapted into a movie. Now I was one of the fools that thought the Joker would be an awesome costume, which it would be... if everyone else wasn't doing the same thing.

So with the movie coming out in March, I figured that I’ll get the jump on everyone that is going to be Rorschach next year with terrible store-bought costumes. Basically, the only things I fabricated were the ribbon on the hat, and of course, the mask (or “face” as Rorschach calls it).

I actually started with the mask without any of the main costume. I went out and found the lightest fabric that would allow me to see through one layer, and was also just a little stretchy so it would conform to my face. I improvised a pattern that looked like it would wrap around my head, haha, (I got REALLY lucky I think) and then I sewed it closed IN 4 LAYERS while still leaving the back open. For the chin and the top of the face I had to re-sew to get the curve just right.

Then after finding where my eyes would be behind the mask, I cut out the inside 3 layers so that I could see better.

After that, I just cut out a custom stencil and drew on the symmetrical shapes of Rorschach’s ever-changing “face” with permanent marker and then threw it in the dryer alone a few times to make sure I wouldn’t be high at any parties this year. The black over my eyes not only hid them more, but it helps me see better somehow. Then I just used some Iron-on Velcro for the flaps in the back of the head.

I got the gloves and hat from the internet,
made the scarf from scrap mask material,
and got the under shirt, pants, shoes, and overcoat from resale shops (Rorschach likes purple pinstripes).

Rorschach Costume

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Question about the costume
by: Anonymous

I have to ask, where did you find that hat online? I've been looking to make this costume, and have a trench coat the same color as yours, and am having a hell of a time finding a matching fedora.

The Hat
by: Andrew G.

The hat started out as a light beige Stingy-Brim Trillby I bought on Amazon. To get it the same color as my coat, I just dyed it a little bit. You have to baby the hat while its drying to make sure it retains most of it's shape, but its worth it in the end.

The undershirt and pants
by: Anonymous

I'm making a costume as well and I'm having a hard time finding the undershirt and pants. Is it a purple or what? In the movie I think its a different color - not to sure though.

Costume Pieces
by: Anonymous

Where did you find the overcoat and gloves for the costume?

Rorschach mask
by: Anonymous

I'm wondering what kind of material you used for the mask, i am trying to make one myself?

Thorough information
by: Anonymous

I believe you've already received a question like this: I have the right gloves for the job, hat and scarf and my own home-made mask, but what I don't seem to find out yet is the proper trench coat, could you tell me where did you get yours, which looks pretty much as the original one? Thanks in advance!

Wow, been a while
by: Andrew G

I really appreciate the enthusiasm, guys. Mask material: I just went into Wal-mart and found the thinnest white fabric I could find, sewed it in multiple layers(4 total), and cut it down to one layer for my eyes. Trench coat: I really lucked out on this one. I found it for 8 bucks at Salvation Army, nice and tight fitting too. Its like a medium brown color(i even dyed to hat to match it) and the only difference is, it doesn't have the same cuff, and the tails were a bit long.
Interesting thing about the coat is, I ironed it a bit to kinda match the look he has in the movie, almost like a "popped collar" look. It was actually functional too, because it helped to hide the Velcro seam and my bare neck.

by: Andrew G

Sorry I missed that one, Yes the undershirt and pants were all dressy purple. I tried to stay as true to the comic as possible. Although in the movie it looks like his shirt may be white.... They both have purple pinstripes(again a thrift shop find), but I had to settle for navy blue with purple stripes for the pants. Maybe I'll see about letting me add a few more photos in light of all the attention this is getting....hurrrm........

Coat info
by: Andrew G

Actually just found some cool info on a viral FBI wanted poster for Rorschach, the style of his coat is actually called Macintosh. Its just a shorter style of trenchcoat.

rorschach costume
by: jean-louis

the costume is amazing I wish i knew how to make the inkblots move like the rorschach in the movie

i know how to make the inkblot move
by: da poop

use heat sensitive paint your breath will make the mask change shape by your breath

by: Anonymous

which website did you get the Fedora hat from?

by: Anonymous

I'm trying to put together a costume but I am having difficulties. I live on an island called Bermuda (hence the name Bermuda Triangle) and here we don't have any of the chain stores like Walmart or Target. This makes it more difficult to gather materials. What specific materials are used to make the mask and scarf and what shape should I cut in the material to make the mask? Also in some scenes in the movie it looked as if Rorschach had a rope or piece of fabric wrapped around his waist to make the coat tight-- what material should I use to make this 'rope'? What type of shoes should I use? Lastly, I'm having a hard time really seeing my costume come together. I have the coat, hat, and I will soon have better gloves. I also have pants and a shirt. Are there any words of inspiration or little accessories I could use to make my costume better.
Thank You,
The Bermudian

by: Cureus kitten

That is a awesome Rorschach costume. I am a big fan of Rorschach and would like to be him for Halloween this year. Do you have any tips for me on how to do the costume? Like I have this cream colored jacket that would be great for Rorschach but it isn't dark brown how would I dye it and also where can I get purple pin striped stuff?

the "face"
by: Anonymous

if there is a pharmacy near your area, if you have seen them stretchy bandage things for muscle pain, get a large one as it'll fit your head nicely

by: Anonymous

absolutely awesome costume, as soon as I'm at Walmart next I'm picking that stuff up and starting my own.

by: Anonymous

What kind of product did you use for the mask

by: Anonymous

how much did the coat cost

by: Nick

I have a trench coat like this one pictured, but in the movie, it seems the trench is leather, mainly, darker. I'm going dye it to match my fedora, dark brown. Remember, Rorschach has a dark purple band around his fedora.

Dark pinstripe purple shoes and shirt.

Scarf is an ash-gray scarf color.

Shoes are NOT shinny, dull, elevator shoes,(shoes that make you taller).

I am trying to go all out for this for Halloween, remember, all of this clothing can keep you very warm and will make you extremely hot at an indoor party.

For the mask I have white leggings, strechy cotton, girls yoga type of pants. Cotton is less translucent vs. nylon.

Yellow Pages
by: Paul

I bought a knee compress thing in white. It's a little bit tight and a little bit hard to see through but I do have a pretty big head.

It's Yellow Pages time where I live so there are tons and tons of them kicking around. I slit a hole in the side of the plastic wrapper, slipped a Rorschach pattern that I printed from the internet over the cover of the yellow pages but under the wrapper and then pulled the knee compress over it. Then I just copied out the pattern. I am not 100% happy with the way it turned out mostly because it is hard to pull off the 'blot' effect with a sharpie but oh well, it's just for one night. I would throw up a picture but I don't know how to do that.

It's not purple!
by: Anonymous

Hey guys,
Rorschach's pants, head ribbon and gloves are not really purple. It just looks that way in the original comic because of the way the lighting is done in the book. If you look, a ton of other frames in the comic are tinted purple, where the objects clearly aren't. Rorschach's hat is a dark brown band, and brown/grey pinstrip pants.

My costume
by: godmademedoit

A good trenchcoat/mac is the hardest thing to find - they're really expensive new, especially double breasted ones with a belt which is what Rorschach wears. eventually got one for £10 in a charity shop, not an ideal colour but close enough without paying loads for it. The hat is a Trilby btw, the smaller-rimmed british version of a fedora. If you live in the UK they're quite fashionable right now in the indie scene, I picked one up brand new for £6.

For the mask I got some thick stretchy white fabric, can't remember what it was called but it's awesome for the mask, just make it so it stretches right over your head, sew it up (I just sewed it in an oblong then turned it inside out, the hat covers all of the joins) get it right on then use a marker to draw 2 dots where your eyes are. Cut 2 holes about 1/2cm across for your eyes. Draw a rorschach blot on a piece of A4 paper (try folding it to get it symmetrical), then put it under the first layer of fabric and simply trace it. with enough black pen the eyeholes should be practically invisible when worn, you may want to put on a bit of eyeliner though in case any skin does show through.

Rorschach Costume
by: registeredname

I did a lot of research on how to make make my Rorschach costume and this one was by far one of the best I found for inspiration. I did look for some material at a fabric shop but couldn't find the right kind so I did what most people recommended and bought white tights. They were on sale (2$) and I used the ass part (?... not sure what you call it) and just tied the legs together, concealing them under the had, so no sowing was required. I got super lucky and fund a used trench coat for 20$ and after much searching settled for a dark brown hat. The only thing I really missed on were leather gloves but opted for brown cotton.

Here's a video I made (originally to the same song as the movie trailer but Youtube forced me to change the music):

Best Rorschach!
by: Anonymous

Still the best Rorschach I've seen! You got the colours down pat... I think it's closer to the comic than the movie version of Rorschachs costume was. Great job!

rorschach face
by: Anonymous

if you look hard enough and possibly on eBay you'll find thermochromatic masks for the face. this gives you the look that his face is actually moving when you breathe in and out. It can be about 35USD

by: Thisguy

Whats the real name for the coat i want to buy one but i don't know the name

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