For those who don’t know, Rorschach is the main anti-hero of the graphic novel “Watchmen” which is being adapted into a movie. Now I was one of the fools that thought the Joker would be an awesome costume, which it would be… if everyone else wasn’t doing the same thing.

So with the movie coming out in March, I figured that I’ll get the jump on everyone that is going to be Rorschach next year with terrible store-bought costumes. Basically, the only things I fabricated were the ribbon on the hat, and of course, the mask (or “face” as Rorschach calls it).

I actually started with the mask without any of the main costume. I went out and found the lightest fabric that would allow me to see through one layer, and was also just a little stretchy so it would conform to my face. I improvised a pattern that looked like it would wrap around my head, haha, (I got REALLY lucky I think) and then I sewed it closed IN 4 LAYERS while still leaving the back open. For the chin and the top of the face I had to re-sew to get the curve just right.

Then after finding where my eyes would be behind the mask, I cut out the inside 3 layers so that I could see better.

After that, I just cut out a custom stencil and drew on the symmetrical shapes of Rorschach’s ever-changing “face” with permanent marker and then threw it in the dryer alone a few times to make sure I wouldn’t be high at any parties this year. The black over my eyes not only hid them more, but it helps me see better somehow. Then I just used some Iron-on Velcro for the flaps in the back of the head.

I got the gloves and hat from the internet,
made the scarf from scrap mask material,
and got the under shirt, pants, shoes, and overcoat from resale shops (Rorschach likes purple pinstripes).

Rorschach Costume