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Coolest Homemade Last Airbender Costumes

by Sandy S

Homemade Last Airbender Costumes

Homemade Last Airbender Costumes

Homemade Last Airbender Costumes
Homemade Last Airbender Costumes

When my children wanted to be Last Airbenders Aang and Katara from that popular TV cartoon show, I looked online for homemade Last Airbender costumes. I nearly fell off my chair when the lowest price I found was $59! So I Googled images of the characters to see if maybe I could make the costumes myself.


1. Top: A) I looked for 2 x 1 yd of satiny fabrics that closely resembled the gold and dark red colors worn by the character. B) I don't sew so I draped those over his left shoulder, gold over red, and safety pinned them in place. C) I used a sash I had around the house to tie over the fabrics, and around his waist.

2. Pants: these were the bottom half of a Luke Skywalker costume I'd found. I could have also used black warm-up pants or his sister's black softball pants.

3. Head: A) I snagged a bunch of those disposable footsies (cut off pantyhose) they have at shoe stores to simulate a bald head. B) we had blue painter's tape around the house so I cut arrows out of the tape and put it on his forehead and back of his hands.

4. Staff: this was his sister's karate stick -- a dowel wrapped in diff color electrical tape.

1. Top: A) the top half of the same Luke Skywalker costume fabric spray painted blue. I used tape to mark off the collar and stripe going down before I sprayed. B) I cut off a strip of light fabric that I'd bought for her skirt to tie around her waist.

2. bottom: A) for her skirt I found fabric that closely matched the top and fabric spray painted it blue. B) after pinning it around her waist, I cut 2 slits in the side. C) she wore her black softball pants and boots beneath the skirt.

3. necklace: I krazy glued a button to some ribbon and fastened that around her neck with a safety pin. Using Velcro is another option as the pin will eventually fray the ribbon.

Total cost for both homemade Last Airbender costumes: about $30.

Anyone who watched that show IMMEDIATELY knew who they both were, and some of the kids excitedly screamed out -- "There's Aang!"/ "Hey, it's Katara!"

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