This year, I made my husband an animatronic homemade Krang costume for Halloween.

In case you’re interested in the how of things:

1. Bought a super-cheap and crappy sumo wrestler suit on eBay.
2. Restuffed it with polyfill so it didn’t look so crappy.
3. Sewed and stuffed a Krang doll
4. Ripped apart two motion-activated creepy hand bowls and rewired them to connect with one switch and operate on a 9V battery (my husband mostly did this part, because I wouldn’t have had time to complete the costume otherwise.) Extended wiring on switch and ran through the torso and out the right sleeve so it can be operated while wearing the suit.
5. Attached wire skeleton for tentacles to the disassembled creepy hands mechanism and pushed skeleton into tentacles.
6. Built box out of posterboard and clear plastic lid from an oven tray. Installed small stick-on battery operated florescent light at top of box. Made control levers with dowels and foam balls wrapped in foil – secured in holes of the box with duct tape wound around dowel. Installed Krang in box.
7. Cut hole in sumo outfit, installed box- in suit.
8. Cut and spray painted a yoga mat and blocks of foam for belt, cuffs and suspenders. Installed.
9. Put portable speaker at base of box, hooked to Zune on the left side of suit. Husband made a 30-minute mp3 of Krang soundbites ripped from the cartoon, to loop continuously.
10. Ripped apart a red t-shirt and made underpants.
11. Created antenna from Sculpey and wire, attached to beige beanie.
12. Made glasses from foam, elastic and cellophane.
13. Red gloves bought, shoes pre-owned.

I thiiiink that’s it? I only started the costume Sunday night, so I’m a little sleep deprived from working on it and possibly missed something. You can ask here via the comments and I’ll try to reply.