When X-Men 3 came out a few years back, my friends began telling me how much I resembled Famke Janssen, aka Jean Grey, aka Dark Phoenix.  I never watched the movies myself, but Googled her and found out they were right.  Really right.  I heard it so much in the months before Halloween that I sought out to become her, in my own way.

I found a picture of the comic book version of Dark Phoenix and got to work.  I bought a red leotard and tights from a costume shop, and yards of fabric.  I was in college at the time and would sit in the living room after work, sewing the phoenix pattern onto a patch to wear on the leotard.  I meticulously hand-sewed the patch, gloves, and boot covers to fit my body exactly.  Once the night came, to unveil my creation, I dyed my hair red to complete the look.  I won the celebrity look-a-like contest that night, and have since reused the costume a couple of times.  Next stop:  ComicCon?