My little guy wanted to be something scary for the first time this year, so he decided to go in a headless costume. I searched the internet for ideas and found this site. I got ideas from several submissions and incorporated it into this costume.

My husband coaches high school baseball, so I decided to make the costume using one of his uniforms. I found a rolling backpack with an extending handle at a yard sale for $5, and that’s the only money spent to create the costume.

I lifted the handle, secured it in place. I took the hanging part of a coat hanger, bent it downward, and secured the hanger to the top of the handle and reinforced it so it wouldn’t sag. The shirt was put on the coat hanger and stuffed with plastic grocery bags to keep weight at a minimum. I used one of my son’s belts to secure the costume around his waist through the cloth hook of the backpack used to hang it and below my sons armpits and around his chest.

The neck was cut card board, put in a circle and taped with red tissue paper draped around it and taped to the card board. I cut slits on the sides of the bottom of the cardboard circle and slid it on the top of the coat hanger.