Coolest Headless Man Costume

I got the idea for this Headless Man Costume from this website, but I wanted to add my own unique twist. Although you cannot tell from the photo, the ‘neck’ is actually a tube that leads to a hidden backpack. That way, when my son went trick or treating, people would drop candy down his neck! Neighbors were extremely impressed, gave him extra candy and stopped him for multiple pictures!

For this Headless Man Costume we started with an old backpack and duck taped two lightweight dowel rods on the side sticking up about a foot over my son’s head. We then duck taped a plastic coat hanger across the top to provided added stability. Next, using duck tape again, I fastened an old dryer venting tube to the coat hanger with the tube running down into the back pack. This provided the frame for which to build the suit around.

My son put on the backpack and we took an old cloth belt from a robe and tied it around his waist and the backpack to help keep it in place and provide extra stability (otherwise the suit would tip backwards too much). I took an old white shirt and used an o-ring dryer vent clamp to hold the collar of the shirt onto the dryer tube. We then hung the shirt over the coat hanger frame, added the black necktie and fastened the first few buttons.

Next we stuffed some white gloves with paper and sewed them onto the jacket sleeves. The sleeves were then stuffed with more newspaper. Newspaper helped bulk out the chest as well. We then took a handful of safety pins and pinned the jacket, shirt, gloves around my sons head. The suit pants were then hitched up as high as they good go and over the back pack and held in place with a belt. The result was a fabulous costume that only took about 20 minutes to make!


1. Backpack
2. Roll of duck tape
3. 2 wooden rods
4. Plastic coat hanger
5. Dryer vent tube
6. Dryer vent o-ring clamp
7. White gloves
8. Old suit
9. Safety pins
10. Black necktie