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Coolest BamBam Child Costume 57

by Nicholas D
(St Petersburg, FL)

Coolest BamBam Child Costume 57

Coolest BamBam Child Costume 57

If you live in the warmer climate areas, as we do, this BamBam Child Costume is for sure an EASY costume!!!

To start off it's best if you have a blonde haired boy as my 3 yr old son Nicholas is! BUT NOT NECESSARY-- alternative is to spray hair white!

For his "brown sash", I cut a strip of my brown rug I had in my bathroom! Before I cut the rug I measured from front of hip, over shoulder to other side of the back of hip to make sure it was long enough.

I bought orange, black, brown and white felt at Joann Fabrics. Along with one white pom pom, for the top of the hat. With the black felt - cut triangles to later hot glue on skirt and hat.

Cut the orange felt zig-zagged, measure it around your child and either sew it or tape/glue it together to make skirt.

For the hat I shaped it to my son's head and glued it together, cut a little half circle and glued on for the visor then glued a few black triangles.

I then put the skirt on my son, if a little loose its OK because you then put the brown sash around your child and safety pin the front and back to the orange felt (the sash around your child and safety pinned tightly to the felt will keep the skirt up!).

With a little piece of white felt I cut a bone and outlined it with a black sharpie and it was held up with the same safety pin I put through the sash.

For the bat you glue the two ends together and I added stuffing from and old pillow, I tucked the bottom and top of the bat ends in before gluing together so you couldn't see any openings, after its all closed, you kind of form it to a bat shape and with a black sharpie I made what looked like wood grains on a bat.

To make Nicholas' hair even whiter the secret is to sprinkle a little BABY POWDER in his hair! I let him go bare foot around as well!

I got sooo many compliments on it and Nicholas loved hitting the bat on everyone's door! Total time it took was approx 30 mins once I had everything I needed!

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Great job
by: Anonymous

This is the best costume, great job

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

I'm completely inept when it comes to crafts. How exactly did you do the hat? And how did it stay on? Thank you

Tip on hat per last comment
by: maker of costume

The hat is made with the orange felt, you measuare the piece of felt around the childs head, then cut it, almost like a crown, then you take it and pretty much almost cone shape it glue the ends at the top of the head with a white pom pom, then that doesn't show where it was glued. Its felt is its light and stays on, if it still doesn't stay on I would recommend bobby pins.

by: Blair

How much orange and black felt did you buy? I'm going to make this costume for my 7 month old and just needed an estimate on how much fabric to buy. Thanks.

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