After dressing scary for the last consecutive 8 years, I decided to become something that was the complete opposite of terror and bring one of my favorite animation characters to life.

This costume was actually pretty easy to make! It took me two school nights and some help from my aunt. Since I live in Hong Kong, it’s almost impossible to find crafting foam so instead, I used aquarium filter foam – which worked out perfectly fine! It’s white and very durable but they came in small rectangles so I had to glue them together to make sheets. Then I had to hand stitch the rest of the parts (especially the head) and ran to the local crafts store and bought some felt for the buttons, eyes and nose. I used hot glue to glue the sticks into hands and his hair (they are actual sticks I picked up from the park!)

Each part of the costume (head, torso and bottom) is removable because I stitched the edges with a pully-string so I could pull and tie them to make it tight or loose. This was soooo useful as I had to wear it at school (and I had PE on that day!) so I could take it off and put it back on with ease. And It was easy to sit because the foam was very durable and would pop back to shape when I stood up.

When I wore the costume at school, I would hear shouts of ”Olaf!” and I got praised a lot by teachers – especially my textiles teacher and other students.I felt like a celebrity haha. It was very light-weight and breathable so the Hong Kong weather wasn’t affecting me too much. People, some who I didn’t even know, asked to take pictures of me or with me which was really fun. When I wore it outside on the street, a lot of people were staring or laughing at me but I didn’t care :). There was this one boy in particular who was being scolded by his mum and crying, face red and swollen like a cherry tomato, immediately stopped when I walked past and burst into laughter and then chased me!

Definitely the BEST Halloween costume I’ve made so far