Transforming a Five-Year-Old into Edward Scissorhands: A DIY Costume

Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands DIY Costume for 5 year old

Our family is a year-round fan of Tim Burton’s movies, so when my five-year-old expressed his desire to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween, I was initially unsure how to pull it off. However, we managed to create a fitting and impressive costume using readily available materials, proving that a DIY approach can be just as … Read more

Minecraft Takes Over Halloween: Crafting Herobrine and Giant Alex Costumes

Unleash Your Inner Minecraft Hero with Herobrine and Giant Alex Halloween Costumes

As the new year began, my family embarked on brainstorming ideas for our children’s upcoming Halloween costumes. Tasked with costume design, I found myself pondering over themes and characters that would resonate with my kids. After consulting my sons, I was pleasantly surprised by their clear choices. My 8-year-old insisted on transforming into Herobrine, while … Read more

A Perfect DIY Invisible Girl Illusion Costume

The Invisible Girl

This was honestly one of our easiest costumes to date. We used a backpack with a large piece of cardboard inside it for the body/shoulder frame. The dress, sweater, hat, and earrings were purchased at a local thrift store. We bought them a few sizes too big. To make the arms appear proportionate, we cut … Read more

Willow’s Handmade Archangel Costume

Ariel Archangel

Willow, an imaginative 11-year-old, transformed herself into Ariel, the archangel protector of humanity, for Halloween. This elaborate costume was the culmination of two months of careful planning and meticulous craftsmanship. Crafting the Dress The centerpiece of the costume was a white dress created without a pattern, guided solely by Willow’s vivid imagination. The dress featured … Read more

Coolest Homemade Merry Go Round Carrousel Costume

Happy go round

Halloween is my daughters and my favorite time of the year because creativity is everywhere, you see happy faces and amazing costumes everywhere. This year we chose a carrousel since she loves them. Our creation is made of 75-80% upcycle material from our local recycle store and our building recycle bins. The main part is … Read more

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

What 10yr old doesn’t dream of becoming a corporate mascot? Well this one does. 10 year old Roosevelt is obsessed with brands and wanted to be the Bic Pen logo! He evened built the costume from the giant pen to the dome for his head- cutting and shaping chicken wire. It’s not that he loves … Read more

Cool Bowser Crochet Suit for Halloween

Bowser crochet suit

My youngest wanted to be Bowser for Halloween. Of course theres no crochet pattern for that. So what did I do? The biggest pattern mashup and free hand work I’ve ever done!!! *The body suit is from Crochetverse with freehanded bands*Horns are from Grim Grinning Goats*Eyes and eyebrows are from Jennifer’s Stitched Up Pattern: Mr. … Read more

Cool Piranha Plant Costume and Crochet Hood made by 12 Year Old

Crochet Piranha Plant Hood

Inspired by Mario Bros., Ariana, (12) made her own Piranha Plant Hood. It took quite some time crocheting it in between school and activities. The pattern is from: Twisted Hatter. She used Red Heart Yarn. We went to a trunk or treat and she was such a big hit!! “Wow, she made it?!”, “So talented!” … Read more

Coolest DIY Gatling Pea Shooter Costume from Plants vs. Zombies

Gatling Pea Shooter Costume from Planets vs. Zombies

Every year my oldest grandson asks me to make him his costume. So being the best Nana ever, according to him, of course I take on the challenge. 4 years ago we started with 2 Tales from sonic. But each year it gets more challenging. We’ve done Yeti Chomper, Bendi (last year). But this year … Read more

Cool Homemade Light-Up Ghost Rider Costume

Homemade Ghost Rider Costume

Violette loves to cosplay and does it everyday! After she watched the Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider movie she wanted to dress up as him and have his ride. So we got to work. It was an amazing family project to make this costume come to life. We spent so many hours cutting out individual flames … Read more

Cool DIY Sackboy Caterpillar Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Cool DIY Sackboy Caterpillar Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Here’s the story behind our Sackboy caterpillar costume – My daughter wanted to be a caterpillar for Halloween and really liked the caterpillar costume worn by the video game character Sackboy in the game “Sackboy: A Big Adventure”. That particular Sackboy caterpillar costume has one of his iconic big zippers down the front and since … Read more