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1000+ Coolest DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

Barbies, crackerjacks and crash test dummies – they are all cuter when they are kids Halloween costumes. There is something about a little face peaking out of Frankenstein eyes that just melts our hearts.

The animal kingdom is represented with peacocks and jellyfish. Many kids like to dress up as food, such as steak, A1 sauce and a chef salad. Cotton candy, push up pops and gumballs are also very popular. Personally, we love the four year old who agreed to be half Hall and half Oates.

In addition, ideas here range from Optimus Prime, Inside Out characters, a mailtruck, Sharknado and even a haunted castle!

If the child in your life like to chose their own costume, this will rouse his/her imagination. If you like to choose your kids Halloween costumes, then enjoy! The costumes here will entertain you with their range of possibilities. Watch out kids…

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