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Cool and Easy Homemade InuYasha Manga Costume Idea

Inuyasha! This Manga costume one if for all those Manga fans out there! I believe that it took me about five hours give or take to put this ensemble together. This is one of my daughter’s favorite characters! She asked me to make her costume and I had no clue what to do! I have never actually made anything that someone could wear! I did much research on this character and his outfit to try to sort everything out.

I bought five yards of red silky fabric for I had no clue how much I needed. I also bought some wooden beads little fang-like pieces, a black necklace kit and ivory and pink felt. When we got home using some of the information and a lot of inspiration from my daughter I began to cut out the pieces of material to start. When I suddenly realized that some kind of a way I messed up really badly when I made some of the cuts and I decided that I needed to cheat! I am NOT a tailor of any sort and have no experience or talent for this area! But once again my daughter kept insisting that I could do it! So I asked her for a pair of her pants and a shirt that I could “borrow” for my little experiment. At this point I was thinking that the next day I would be right back at the store buying more material!

I then folded the material left in half and placed the shirt and pair of pants on top of it. Then using chalk I outlined the clothing onto the red silk material. Then I cut out the pieces and sewed them together. I cannot tell you what size seam I used to put it all together but the great news is that it fit her! She was so excited! The only thing that I did was put a small white piece on the outside of the sleeve right at the elbow and then free hand some “kimono” type sleeves to add to the white piece that went from the elbow to her wrist. Also for the pants I added some elastic to the waist, made the legs a little bit wider than the rest of the leg and added elastic at the ankles to complete the “ninja” pant look.

Lastly I took a wide strip of this red material and made her a belt to tie around her waist and make it appear as if she were wearing a full kimono type outfit. Next I made the necklace. I sprayed the wooden beads with some purple spray paint while my husband drilled holes into the “fangs” so that I could string them onto the necklace. Once the beads were dry I laced them onto the necklace with the “fangs.” I put a few beads then a “fang or tooth” until the entire thing was covered. We just left her hair as is because a wig would have been too hot for this Miami weather! So I went to the dollar store and bought a plain headband that I would create and attach some ears to for her to wear and complete her Manga costume.

I used pipe cleaners to make the shape of two ears and then cut ivory felt to fit around the triangle shaped pipe cleaner. I used a hot glue gun to secure it then I added a small piece of pink felt inside of the ear and placed it on the middle of the ivory covered ear. I then secured the two ears together on the headband with the hot glue gun and voila!

To my surprise and even more so my daughter’s we had a very successful day and test run for her costume. We went to a costume event and another girl came up to her and screamed out “Inuyasha!” My daughter was the happiest that she could have ever been and said loud and proud “My mom made my costume!”

Total Spent on this Manga costume: $30

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