The main reason I decided to make this Homemade Black Spartan from Halo 3 Costume is because I am a huge fan of the Halo series. Along with many other kinds of costumes I have made, I have also made other Halo series costumes too. I have been making props and costumes for years now, and my skills have increased substantially.

How I made this costume is by using a program called Pepakura Designer 3. A lot of the costume is built from scratch too. I would say it is made from about 40% Pepakura, and 60% scratch build. If you haven’t heard by now what Pepakura Designer is, it is a program that takes a rendered 3D model and it breaks it down into shapes with corresponding numbers on them. You can then print these shapes onto paper, cut them out, and then glue them together.

After this, you should get the basic piece of your armour that you printed out. I then strengthened the armour by putting a light coat of fiberglass resin on the outside, used fiberglass mat with resin to strengthen the inside, and then used automotive body filler to smooth out the outside. The process for the scratch build pieces was to build them up out of corrugated cardboard, by looking at reference pictures to see what was needed to be done.

Then I used automotive body filler to smooth out the outside. After I did this, I resined the outside of all the pieces to give it a very interesting plastic type texture. I then detailed it with paint, (one coat black gloss paint) then I battle damaged it by spray painting a paint brush with chrome paint, and brushing my pieces lightly with it to make it look like worn metal.

And all of this was completed the day before Halloween. I hope I gave everyone a “basic” understanding of what it was like to build this Spartan armour.

P.S. I built all of the pieces by myself without assistance, this is my “own” work not somebody else’s.

Black Spartan Costume

Black Spartan Costume