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College-Girl Edition Olaf Costume

Living in Montana, I had to get creative on how I was going to make a cute, yet warm and practical Olaf costume.

I found a white “bandage” skirt online that puffed out like the bottom snowball on a snowman. I then found a white long-sleeve shirt that I could paste felt onto. I cut out 3 black felt “buttons” and glued them onto my shirt and skirt.

Next, I cut out “branches” with brown felt and glued them onto my arms. To make the head piece, I found a plain white headband and used brown pipecleaners to form Olaf’s branch “hair.” The hardest part of the costume was the carrot nose so I just decided to carry around a large carrot that I bought at the grocery store.

As a final touch, I sprayed my hair and body down with glitter spray so that I appear to “glisten” like a snowman. The reaction I got from my friends was great as they all immeditaly knew what I was. I even has a few “Svens” that attempted to take a bite out of my carrot nose.

College-Girl Edition Olaf Costume

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