Coolest Headless Boy Costume

Homemade Headless Boy Costume

I saw the original Homemade Headless Boy Costume on this website a couple of years ago. My son wanted to do it so I thought we’d add our own touches. 1. I found an old tshirt of my son’s and hot glued the shoulder areas to a long piece of cardboard. 2. I then glued … Read more

Coolest Head In A Jar Costume

Homemade Head In A Jar Costume

My daughter saw an illusion costume online with a head on a platter and came up with this Homemade Head In A Jar Costume idea. To construct we took a old back pack and went to local hardware store and bought PVC pipe, elbows, and T-fittings to construct frame coming out of backpack. Just used … Read more

Coolest Headless Mad Scientist Costume

Homemade Headless Mad Scientist Costume

This Headless Mad Scientist Costume was an awesome costume that the kids loved and was a lot of fun making. My son was a headless mad scientist. To make the costume, I started with an old lab coat, large plastic (pretzel) jar and cardboard. For the assembly, I made a cardboard form for the torso … Read more