Coolest Headless Doctor Halloween Costume

The Headless Doctor

This Headless Doctor Halloween costume was based on Headless 08 found on Coolest Homemade We decided to expand on that theme to create a headless doctor carrying a head in a jar. To create the costume, I used a pair of scrubs, a pair of latex gloves, surgical shoe covers, a $10 lab coat … Read more

Coolest Headless Boy Costume

Homemade Headless Boy Costume

I saw the original Homemade Headless Boy Costume on this website a couple of years ago. My son wanted to do it so I thought we’d add our own touches. 1. I found an old tshirt of my son’s and hot glued the shoulder areas to a long piece of cardboard. 2. I then glued … Read more

Coolest Head In A Jar Costume

Homemade Head In A Jar Costume

My daughter saw an illusion costume online with a head on a platter and came up with this Homemade Head In A Jar Costume idea. To construct we took a old back pack and went to local hardware store and bought PVC pipe, elbows, and T-fittings to construct frame coming out of backpack. Just used … Read more