Tractor Costume

My son loves his tractors and he wanted to be a tractor for Halloween so we granted his wish for a unique Halloween costume idea. My sister started with a box and then cut out wheels from cardboard and attached them on. Then it was painted. We used a paper towel roll for the smoke … Read more

Tractor Costume

This unique Halloween costume idea is nothing more than recycled cardboard, spray paint, and a pair of suspenders. The headlights were spray paint tops and low voltage lighting bulbs. You will need lots of cardboard, duck tape, and spray paint. Total Spent: $25

Coolest John Deere Tractor Costume

John Deere Tractor Costume

My 3 year son Ean is a tractor fanatic so he wanted to be a tractor, but of course it had to be a John Deere tractor costume, not just any old tractor, for Halloween. I used three cardboard boxes one cut in half and glued on each side of the main box for the … Read more

Tractor Costume

My 2 years old son, Alexis, loves tractors and since I wanted to create his own unique Halloween costume idea. It was my first one ever done! I searched on the Internet and found a lot of different pictures of tractors and kind of “mixed” them together to give this result. He was very proud … Read more

Coolest John Deere Tractor Halloween Costume

Homemade John Deere Tractor Halloween Costume

After seeing all of the wonderful costumes on this web site, it inspired my husband to create a homemade tractor. It took my husband about 15 hours to make. The tractor is made out of cardboard box (body), air filter (grill), plastic tube (pipe), Styrofoam (tires), Styrofoam cutter (tires), straps from a bag to hold … Read more

Tractor Costume

Every year I ask my two children what they would like to be for Halloween. Well, my son Tyson (2 at the time) is really into John Deere tractors and it just so happened that that is what he wanted to be. I was thinking how am I going to do this! I did it … Read more