Cutest Homemade Tiffany & Co. Box Costume

Cutest Homemade Tiffany & Co. Box Costume

For my Tiffany and Co. Box costume I took a piece of cardboard, painted it blue, folded and glued it to make it fit me like a gift bag. I drew on the logo, attached tissue paper to the inside and draped myself with jewels. By the end of the night my shoulders hurt from … Read more

Cool Costume Idea: Victoria’s Secret Bag!

Cool Costume Idea: Victoria's Secret Bag!

This Victoria’s Secret Bag was the cutest costume I’ve ever worn and everyone seemed to love it! I just took a regular box and cut the front and the back  to be the same size. I measured the lines so they were equal and alternated pinks for the stripes. I just used cursive stencils that I found at … Read more

Coolest Victoria’s Secret Bag Costume

Homemade Victoria's Secret Bag Costume

Freshly 21 and ready to spend my first Halloween at the bar and having fun. I really wanted to make a creative costume that could help me win the costume contest and would be fun and easy to make. This Homemade Victoria’s Secret Bag Costume ended up being a huge hit and it will be … Read more

Coolest Homemade Little Blue Shopping Bag Costume

Homemade Little Blue Shopping Bag Costume

Everyone loves something in a little blue box (blue shopping bag in this case). Milan and her Daddy love buying Mommy gifts at Tiffany’s especially for her Halloween birthday; Mommy gets so excited when she sees the “little blue shopping bag” and its even extra special with this little gem inside. Milan Caprice is 3 … Read more