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Coolest Homemade Little Blue Shopping Bag Costume

Everyone loves something in a little blue box (blue shopping bag in this case). Milan and her Daddy love buying Mommy gifts at Tiffany’s especially for her Halloween birthday; Mommy gets so excited when she sees the “little blue shopping bag” and its even extra special with this little gem inside.

Milan Caprice is 3 yrs old and my one and only diamond of a child. Tiffany & Co. is my favorite store therefore I thought it would be great as a Homemade Little Blue Shopping Bag Costume. Of course it was a hit, went to the mall where the store is and everyone LOVED it, people where taking phone pictures every where even uploading to Facebook and Twitter before I could.

The costume is made of sateen material with material stiffener ironed in the material to create the folds (available at Jo-Ann’s), white notions rope, vinyl lettering and then sewn. One can use a hot glue gun to assembly also. Lettering can be done on computer yourself and put on iron on paper. Remember to mirror image.
Everyone wants me to sell them but it?s a special costume for my daughter and will put in her hope chest hopefully for her little gem someday.

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