Coolest Spider Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Spider Halloween Costume Idea

COOLEST (Inexpensive) Spider Halloween Costume Idea from Recyclables: My boyfriend inherited an old top hat from his son and I volunteered to decorate it for a Halloween party we were attending. Those “fake” spider webs gives him the “heebie-jeebies” so I began to decorate the hat with ribbons for spider web and stickers. He was … Read more

Coolest Spider Snack Costume

Homemade Spider Snack Costume

My two boys love spooky and scary! Halloween is their favorite holiday second only to Christmas. We usually decide on a costume and when we are done making it we start thinking of ideas for next year’s costume. I hate spiders so I do not know how I got talked into this Homemade Spider Snack … Read more

Coolest Black Widow Spider Costume

Coolest Black Widow Spider Costume 16

I made a total of 14 costumes this year, all within the insect theme. This is one of them. Black Widow Spider Costume: Materials Needed – * Body * 1 Can Spray Foam Insulation * Black Felt or Black Fabric * Red Felt or Red Fabric * Spray Adhesive * Zip Ties * 2 pieces … Read more

Coolest Homemade Black Widow Spider Costume

Black Widow Spider Costume

My Black Widow Spider Costume was a combination of store-bought accessories, things from my closet, and some crafty creativity. The base of the costume was a black dress out of my closet. I purchased the following items: – Red elastic/vinyl belt from H&M – Spider web tights – Mesh fingerless gloves – Top-hat with red … Read more