Coolest Beer Pong Group Costume

Beer Pong Group Costume

Beer pong! Ya, they sell them, but not nearly as awesome. We made this Beer Pong Group costume out of standard plastic garbage cans. We spray painted them red and stencil spray painted the solo name (to make it official beer pong!). We used foam pipe insulator for the cup rim and put white felt … Read more

Coolest Beer Pong Halloween Costume

Beer Pong Halloween Costume

I decided to make a gigantic beer pong Halloween costume because we play beer pong at a lot of our parties and I saw the costume that was posted on this site. I started by cutting open two hula hoops. I slipped on PVC connectors and also cut out a portion of the bottom hula … Read more

Coolest Beer Pong Costume

Homemade Beer Pong Costume

I made this Beer Pong cup out of a 4’x 8′ plastic sheet I found at Home Depot (not sure what its used for but it was perfect). I then spray painted it red and also found pipe insulator and painted it white used for the rim of the cup. I then made shoulder straps … Read more

Coolest Beer Pong Costumes

Homemade Beer Pong Costumes

A bunch of girls from my high school got in trouble for playing beer pong and putting up pictures of ourselves online. It was a huge controversy and so we thought it would only be fitting to go in a group Beer Pong costume for our Senior Halloween. At lunch one day well all got … Read more