Coolest Homemade 1980s Prom Costume

Homemade 1980s Prom Costume

I went to an 80s themed fund raiser with my homemade Prom costume. All of the dress was made from fabric remnants, minus the trim which was dirt cheap. I used a simplicity prom dress pattern and got all the fabrictoule, awful cheetah print and trim for under $10 in the alley. The dress literally … Read more

Coolest Homemade 80s Prom Queen Costume

Homemade 80s Prom Queen Costume

We went as a group of high school prom queens from various years throughout the 80s. Dresses were all bought at either thrift stores or on Ebay. And we all found old dress shoes that matched. We bought tacky jewelry for accessories, tiara’s, and gloves. We crimped our hair, and wore side pony-tails. Very wide … Read more