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Coolest Homemade 1980s Prom Costume

I went to an 80s themed fund raiser with my homemade Prom costume.

All of the dress was made from fabric remnants, minus the trim which was dirt cheap. I used a simplicity prom dress pattern and got all the fabrictoule, awful cheetah print and trim for under $10 in the alley.

The dress literally took about 4 hours to do and a good bit of that was fiddling with the zipper. And to top it off I tackied it up with a pair of old gloves, all the neon pink crap I could find, some ripped up glitter fishnets and some Madonna crosses and I was 80s-fied.

It was a huge hit!

I even won a prize and supported a great cause. It was just a simple dress, but the god-awful fabric, that alone made it all happen! I recently tossed a pair of old LA gear high tops, that would have made it perfect!

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