Original Andy Warhol and Campbell’s Soup Can Couples Costume

Original Andy Warhol and Campbell's Soup Can Couples Costume

We made the soup can out of an old collapsible laundry hamper. We painted the Campbell’s logo on a white cloth then sewed it around the top of the hamper. Andy was simple enough, black pants, stripped shirt, and a homemade camera made from a cardboard box and some bottle caps.

Coolest Chicken Noodle Soup Baby Costume

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Baby Costume

I am always looking for new, cute costumes for my small children. This year, my daughter was getting ready to turn 1 and had started walking and all of the costumes her size were ‘bunting’ style. We saw the idea of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup, but it was just too boring. So, we decided to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Campbell Soup Costume

Homemade Campbell Soup Costume

For my daughter Campbell Claire’s first Halloween I couldn’t resist this cliche. So many people had already referred to her name as, “you know, like the soup” that the idea was planted months in advance. I used regular cotton knit fabric for the body of the suit. Around the middle, where the two colors meet, … Read more

Coolest Campbell’s Soup Costume

I found I was still holding my tummy in despite the huge cylinder suurounding me!

Made recently for an Arty Party! I was inspired by one of those pop-up springy washing baskets – very cheap to buy in pound shops or similar. I simply painted the design onto the plasticy material with acrylic paint – took a few hours but was actually quite relaxing! I copied it from a picture … Read more