Coolest Campbell’s Soup Costume

Made recently for an Arty Party! I was inspired by one of those pop-up springy washing baskets – very cheap to buy in pound shops or similar. I simply painted the design onto the plasticy material with acrylic paint – took a few hours but was actually quite relaxing! I copied it from a picture on the net.

Then I decided to jazz it up to go with the 60s idea, and I found the silver leggings and platforms in the charity shop round the corner which was quite lucky. You could do this in many ways though. I nearly bought a blonde wig and glasses too, to look like warhol, but I ran out of time!

Anyway, I won my own costume contest (despite saying I shouldn’t be voted for!) so it was obviously a hit!


1 thought on “Coolest Campbell’s Soup Costume”

  1. hiya,
    i have been searching for ages in order to think of an amazing idea for my last day in sixth form.
    I cannot wait but have no idea what to do.
    since I just saw this whilst browsing I think I will most definitely do this. Its immense and sometimes I get called CAMP BELL or campbell meatballs so this is definitely the costume for me.

    I’m so exited now cant wait I’m going shopping tomorrow. Thanks so much for the idea.

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