Coolest Joker Halloween Costume

Joker Halloween Costume

This Joker Halloween costume was originally intended for a student film, however since Halloween was around the corner we decided, “why not use it for a Halloween costume as well!?” My friends and I were and still are such great fans of the late Heath Ledger’s performance as the “Joker” that it inspired us to … Read more

Cool Joker Halloween Costume

Joker Halloween Costume

Spent long hours, shopping at Goodwill and Marshalls for an outfit for this Joker Halloween costume. Bought a white peacoat and dyed that and the pants purple. Cut a woman’s suit jacket into a vest and sewed on buttons. Scuffed up the shoes, cut long blond curly hair wig to make it joker like, greasy, … Read more

Coolest Evil Joker Costume

Homemade Evil Joker Costume

I currently am a Substitute Teacher in the Huntington Union Free School District. Teaching is a great profession and I was notified that I would be teaching on October 31st, 2008. Every year the staff at the school where I work dress up as his/her favorite theme or character that he/she adores. This year, I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Joker and Mime Costumes

Homemade Joker and Mime Costumes

I decided to dress up as the Joker from Batman the Dark Knight and my boyfriend as a mime. The Joker is my all time favorite villain. For the Joker costume, I used green hair dye, red, white, and black face paint, and old clothes. The old clothes I used were purple slacks, a purple … Read more

Coolest Girl Joker Halloween Costume

The Girl Joker Halloween Costume

I got most of the Girl Joker Halloween costume parts at Goodwill. Painted her hair green, her face white with the joker’s twisted smile, and even included a flower that sprays water. She had chattering teeth too! She wore a purple jacket and a purple and black skirt. Everyone out trick or treating loved it!

Coolest Joker Costume with Joker Makeup

Homemade Joker Costume

I made this homemade Joker costume for a friend’s birthday. It was pretty simple, I got together the clothing from various shops and used my brother’s waistcoat. I used white makeup to create the base and used eyeliner to create the eyes. For the scars I used molding prosthetics found at my local costume/joke shop … Read more