Coolest Child’s Taylor Swift Halloween Costume

Child's Taylor Swift Halloween Costume

I started this Child’s Taylor Swift Halloween Costume with the following items: -white cowgirl boots (purchased online at -black shimmery dress (purchased at JCPenney) -child size guitar (purchased at Toys R Us) -silver glitter paint (purchased at Michaels) -toy microphone (found at home) For the look: curl your hair with a curling iron (or … Read more

Coolest DIY Taylor Swift Costume

Homemade DIY Taylor Swift Costume

This Halloween I made a DIY Taylor Swift Costume. I bought a summer dress, blond curly wig, necklace, bracelets, got a friend to do my makeup, drew 13 on my hand , and made the guitar right from scratch with cardboard. For the guitar I used tape and glue, then spray painted it black and … Read more