Coolest Child’s Taylor Swift Halloween Costume

I started this Child’s Taylor Swift Halloween Costume with the following items:

-white cowgirl boots (purchased online at
-black shimmery dress (purchased at JCPenney)
-child size guitar (purchased at Toys R Us)
-silver glitter paint (purchased at Michaels)
-toy microphone (found at home)

For the look: curl your hair with a curling iron (or put two braids in your hair the night before and sleep in it). Braiding it will make it super curly, but you have to sleep in it or the braids will lose their curl quickly. Wear minimal makeup, just a little silver shimmer eye shadow.

For the outfit: Cowgirl boots are a must! The guitar is simple, paint the guitar with the silver glitter paint. Be sure to paint and allow it to dry one layer at a time. If you paint too many coats at once it will not dry completely and will be a huge mess. A toy microphone adds a nice touch.

This costume was a huge hit! Everyone knew who she was!

Child's Taylor Swift Halloween Costume