Cool Handmade Alien from Mars Costume

Alien Ambassador from Mars Attacks, and her quest for world domination

This Alien costume was inspired by the Tim Burton film, Mars Attacks! I Hand made this costume from the ground up using predominantly paper mache. I also work with reused, repurposed, and found materials, so anything that isn’t paper mache, is a whole lot of scrapping and dumpster diving. The only items that I bought … Read more

Cool Seymour and Audrey 2 Little Shop of Horrors DIY Costumes

Little Shop of Horrors

I hand make quality costumes for my family each year and I absolutely love it! Everything is handmade, and what isn’t made is thrifted. I work predominantly with paper mache, but I also work with found, recycled, and repurposed materials, so there is a lot of guessing, scrapping, and dumpster diving involved. I also hand-built … Read more

Cutest Lil DIY Gary the Snail Toddler Costume

Cutest lil Gary the Snail you ever did see

I hand make huge Halloween costume creations each year, and love the entire performance from start to finish. Typically, I rope my family into a group costume, but this year I made this Gary the Snail costume specifically for my 3 year old. I work with paper mache, found and repurposed materials, and all of … Read more

Cool DIY Beetlejuice Family Costume

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

This was my first year making huge, movie quality costumes from scratch, and I think fully nailed it. This Beetlejuice family costume set off my obsession with going over the top and making these competitively. The costume also inspired me to start working towards a career in this field (albeit, unsuccessful so far). Everything here … Read more