Coolest Kangaroo DIY Costume

Homemade Kangaroo DIY Costume

My 9 year old daughter wanted to be a kangaroo for Halloween this year. I could not find any patterns at our fabric store for a Kangaroo DIY Costume that looked real enough for her, so I created my own pattern using her stuffed animal kangaroo for reference. My daughter picked out a furry felt … Read more

Coolest Girl’s Peacock Costume

Coolest Girl's Peacock Costume 104

My daughter wanted to be a Peacock for Halloween, but all of the costumes available were either dresses or skirts with tails that hang off of your shoulders (like fairy wings). She did not want that – she wanted to look like the bird! So we sewed up a Girl’s Peacock Costume with royal blue … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pair of Dice Halloween Costume

Homemade Pair of Dice Halloween Costume

I made this homemade pair of dice Halloween costume for my 6 year old daughter. I wanted it to be soft and easy to move around in, so we did not use a box! Instead, I formed a box with 2” foam, leaving the top and bottom open. Ribbon was glued inside to form suspenders … Read more

Homemade Mother Nature Costume

Coolest Mother Nature Costume 5

I had ONE free evening to come up with a costume, and since I had all of the supplies left over from my daughters fairy party, I decided to recycle them into a costume as Mother Nature. I had a bolt of green tulle that I sewed onto the sleeves of my shirt. I also … Read more