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Coolest Kangaroo DIY Costume

My 9 year old daughter wanted to be a kangaroo for Halloween this year. I could not find any patterns at our fabric store for a Kangaroo DIY Costume that looked real enough for her, so I created my own pattern using her stuffed animal kangaroo for reference. My daughter picked out a furry felt for the body of the costume, and a soft fleece for the belly/pouch. Thank goodness it is a cold Halloween this year, because this costume is toasty!

Starting with the head first, I thought I would leave the area under the nose open for her to breathe, but it didn’t look right, and the ears were too far apart and not pointy enough. So I started over and sewed the head leaving the ears open from the inside so that I could insert wires to hold them up. This time I closed the neck up, and cut a hole for the mouth area so she could get some fresh air! The face lost shape in the area from the hole I cut for the mouth. To solve this, I glued in a piece of tulle over the mouth area on the inside, which helped to hold the shape and still ventilate. The body was less difficult to piece together. I made sure to make the legs look shorter and bulgier at the top.

The tail was also lower to make the body look longer and also to make it easier for her to sit. I sewed in a long zipper along the right side of the belly/pouch so that she could get in and out of it easily. The feet just slip on over her shoes, and Velcro together in the back. They are extra large and filled with fluff in the toes. Unfortunately, with the felt, everything she steps on sticks to her feet. If I could change anything it would be her feet – maybe find some tan slippers instead.

We accessorized with a small stuffed animal kangaroo which was sewn into her pouch. She wanted to wear punching gloves, but wouldn’t have been able to handle the candy for trick-or-treat, so she borrowed her brothers sparring gloves instead. Her pouch was used to carry her candy.

Homemade Kangaroo DIY Costume

Homemade Kangaroo DIY Costume

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  1. heyy, my name is jamie. im 13. this is my last year trick or treating, and i want to be a kangaroo. i love kangaroos and thought it would be fun to like, hop around and stuff in it right?? so im looking for ideas. i really like yours, and my mom said im on my own to make my own costume (she said: “you’re creative, i think you can manage to make your own costume at 13”) so i can get some materials my parents said and i can make my own. i’m wondering how did you make the ears and feet, like how did you get the shape and sew it together to make it stay put?
    i know you say how above, but what sewing pattern did you use and that stuff? sorry, i hope it wasn’t too much to ask, by the way great job :)
    thanks, jamie.


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