Cool Chicken DIY Costume for a Toddler

Fluffy Chicken Costume

I made this chicken costume for my daughter who was 2 at the time. It was made with 2 sweatshirts and lots of feather boas! She won 1st prize at our local costume contest. It was a lot of fun to make and she was stopped everywhere she went.

Coolest Bjork Swan Dress Halloween Costume

Bjork Swan Dress Halloween Costume

I decided that this year I wanted to make the infamous Bjork Swan dress Halloween costume. I began about a month before Halloween. I bought 6 feather boas on eBay. I bought a tulle slip that was to my knees off of eBay. I then bought a yard and half of white felt from Jo-Ann … Read more

Cool Cruella DeVille Homemade Halloween Costume

Homemade Cruella DeVille Halloween Costume

My daughter loves 101 Dalmatians, so this year she asked if she could have a Homemade Cruella DeVille Halloween Costume. I went to the store and bought a cape pattern and all the material to make the cape in a Dalmatian print. The cape had a red satin lining and black fur trim on the … Read more