Coolest Homemade Abe Lincoln Costume

Homemade Abe Lincoln Costume

This homemade Abe Lincoln costume was more of an ensemble of purchases as opposed to original creation. First, I grew out a beard for 3 weeks, shaving the mustache the day I wore the costume. The coat was a cheap, polyester robe from Walmart. The vest was purchased at a local store that sells suits. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mr. Clean Costume

Homemade Mr. Clean Costume

This homemade Mr. Clean costume was probably the easiest costume I’ve ever done. I bought some cheap, white painter’s pants at Walmart, and purchased a white belt. I also wore some all-white shoes and a new white t-shirt. I highly recommend a brand new white t-shirt. After all, he is Mr. Clean. I had been … Read more

Coolest Jack In The Box Homemade Costume

Jack In The Box Homemade Costume

I decided a few years back to be Jack In The Box for Halloween. I started 3 weeks early in preparation. In the end, I wished I had one more week to clean it up around the edges. Bear with me, as the process of making the jack head was tedious. To make the jack … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wilson from Home Improvement Costume

Homemade Wilson from Home Improvement

Wilson, from the TV series Home Improvement, was my crowing achievement in terms of little effort for great reward. I got tons of compliments for this costume, which is relatively simple. The biggest challenge was holding up the tiny fence for 4 hours. Mr. Wilson’s face can never be revealed! I wore boots, long cargo … Read more