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Coolest Teen Titans Homemade Costumes

The Teen Titans costumes below were submitted by fellow costume enthusiasts. We'd love to see your costumes, too!

Beast Boy From Teen Titans Costume

First, I bought a black unitard. Then I got a pink biketard (to go over the black unitard). It was almost impossible to find a perfect one. It had to be sleeveless, have a turtleneck, and be the right color.

  • Beast Boy From Teen Titans Costume
  • Beast Boy From Teen Titans Costume
  • Beast Boy From Teen Titans Costume
  • Beast Boy From Teen Titans Costume

My gloves I just bought at walmart and then super glued strips of electrical tape on them. I was able to find some cheap ears online. I used Mehron Paradise AQ makeup in lime green. I also used a little Ben Nye water activated make up in lime green (was much darker than the Mehron lime green) for my eyebrows and a little for my lips.

I dyed my hair with a mix of green Splat hair dye and One N Only Argon Oil Perfect Intensity in Emerald Green. The part of my costume that took the most effort was my utility belt. I wanted it to be functional/actually be able to hold stuff so I made it out of empty playing card boxes. I sealed them with mod podge, spray painted them, then sealed them again.

I duck taped them to a cool invisa-belt thing I found (which apparently exists because some people really hate belts but still need them sometimes.) I loved the touch the clear belt added, it made it seem more cartoon-ish, like the parts of the utility belt were just floating there, which is what Beast Boy’s belt looks like. The belt buckle I made out of cardboard, foam, and plastic. It took forever.

I received surprisingly amazing reactions. I knew Beast boy was a popular character, but I didn’t realize just how popular. A lot of people were overjoyed to see me. But it was the little kids that really loved me. It was so cute. I can’t remember too much of what people actually said, though I do recall someone telling me that it was “Literally the greatest costume ever”

I got a lot of pictures taken when I dressed up. Everyone wanted to get a selfie with Beast Boy. I also got a whole lot of people saying they liked my ears. I guess Beastie was right - “Chicks dig the ears.”

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