My 10 year old daughter loves Halloween more than any other holiday on the calendar. When she decided she wanted to be “headless” this year for Halloween, we started doing some research. We came across “” online and found several ideas that got the ball rolling. From Hockey players to doctors, there were “headless” examples aplenty. From these examples, Dr. Helda Severed was created. Dr. Helda Severed was a “Neurologist Gone Mad”! She now carries her severed head in a jar where ever she goes.

Helda was created using an eclectic collection of supplies. We used:
*4” foam floral Styrofoam balls
*Styrofoam floral cone
*Latex gloves
*Quilt batting
*Pillow stuffing
*Duct tape
*Self-adhesive Hook & Loop
*Large Plastic Jar (ours contained cheese puffs from the grocery store)
*Rolling backpack
*Thrift store clothes

o make Helda’s frame, we stripped the backpack down to the basic frame, leaving the shoulder straps in place so she could wear the costume. With the handle fully extended, we cut the arrows down to size to build a “T” shaped from up from the handle of the backpack. We then attached (2) Styrofoam balls to the ends of the cross section arrow to create shoulders. We attached a smaller section of arrow to the middle of the cross section and attached the Styrofoam cone (cut in half), large end down to make the neck. The upper body was finished using quilt batting wrapped around the arrow frame. The arms were made using children’s pantyhose filled with pillow stuffing and placed in the arms of the shirt. The hands are latex gloves filled with pillow stuffing and tied to the arms. We then used the hook and loop to hold the hands on the jar. A long lab coat and long skirt finished the costume. We added blue glow sticks in the evening to give the appearance that the jar was glowing.

This Homemade Decapitated Mad Scientist Halloween Costume Idea was a huge hit! It took second place in the city costume contest and was a crowd favorite everywhere we went. We hope you love it too!!