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Coolest Chip from Beauty and the Beast Costume 2

by Cindy M.

Homemade Chip from Beauty and the Beast Costume

Homemade Chip from Beauty and the Beast Costume

My children attend a school where they are given a theme for the costume dances.

This year’s theme was ‘Disneyland’. I have four children so they each thought of which character they’d like to be.

My sophomore son decided he wanted to be Chip from Beauty and the Beast!

* I started looking for ideas on the web looking at ‘images’ to see what the actual drawing looked like and then to see how others might have created a costume for the theater. (Which is where I found your site.)

* I started drawing out the expression I wanted to use and began to figure what the proportions should be (if the base of the cup comes to his knee and foot of the cup from his knee to the ground... )

* I found a thin foam and wrapped it around my son in a cone shape to create the teacup as well as the foot of the cup. I measured around his middle to make sure the center opening was big enough for him to slide through. Once I made the pattern for the cup I cut two layers of the foam and layered them with boning running vertical every 6 inches or so and then an other layer of foam using foam glue to bone these layers together.

* I made a pattern for his face (each piece, white of eye, color of eye, eyebrow, tongue, mouth…) moving them around and changing their shapes to get it to look the most like the cartoon as possible.

* I purchased fabric to cover the foam matching Disney’s colors as inexpensively as possible. I used dull satin for the main part of the teacup and a shiny satin for the handle/nose and rims. The other pieces where just scraps I already had.

* The yellow rim, middle and base are tubes stuffed with polyfill.

* I used two rows of boning to give the upper rim some stiffness. I thought that wire would be too harsh while dancing.

* Gannon really enjoyed being ‘Chip’ but dancing was tough and said that he did not get to do much more than spin when he was in the mosh pit.

My only question is where am I going to store it?

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Chip Costume
by: Anonymous

Cindy M.,

Would you be willing to donate rental of your "homemade" chip costume for a non-profit emergency children's shelter called Jesse's House ( located in Cumming, GA? We are gearing up to host a mother/daughter tea party fundraiser called "Jesse's Tea for Mom & Me" on April 26, 2009 and this would be a perfect guest appearance for the kid's to take photos with. I'm trying to also find a Mrs. Potts costume character.

how do you see through it.
by: Linda

Is there a hidden mesh place to see out of?

by: Nina

I am in awe at the quality and likeness of your "Chip" character! AMAZING work. Looks professionally done, but better! What talent you have. You definitely could have a future in the costume business. Take it to Hollywood!

Rent your chip costume
by: Karen

My daughter's school is putting on the play "Beauty and the Beast". I am on the costume committee, but have many other costumes to make. Was wondering if you would sell or rent us your chip costume.

We are desperate for this Chip costume
by: Allyson

I know you've had several requests over the year for your Chip costume. I pray you still have it! If so and you are willing to rent it to my dance studio, we would be so appreciative. We are doing a small musical theater production of Beauty and the Beast and are having so much trouble finding this costume. Please help!

HELP! SHW in 2 wka
by: another mom

Hey I loved your chip and I am making one for my son. If you could please tell me how much this costs and give very detailed instructions I would greatly appreciate it! My sewing expertise is usually limited to a pattern. What shape You cut the "cup" part into?
thanks a million in advance.


by: Anonymous

Where did you find the foam? Also would you be willing to share detailed instructions on how to make this? My daughter is going to be Belle for Halloween and I was thinking of being chip.... this would help me out tremendously...Thank you.

Would you Rent???/
by: Betty

Hi I was wondering if you would be willing to rent out your costume???? I live in California an my grandma lives in Indiana. I am going back to visit her over Halloween an her favorite characters are Mrs. Potts an Chip. I am 45 an she is 92 I thought it would be great to go to party with her. Her as Mrs Potts and me ad Chip. I can find a Mrs Potts costume buy not Chip. I am only 5 foot. Do you think maybe you could help? If not do you know anyone that could? Thanks

chip costume do you rent it out?
by: kay in california

please let me know my 10 year old son is chip in Feb 2011 city of pinole playhouse performance for 5 nights? please let me know 510-575-3648 thanks kay

Can we rent your chip costume?
by: Eileen

Our grade school is putting on "Beauty and the Beast", and I am having a heck of a time finding Chip. Our play is May 6th, and we are in Cincinnati. Are you interested in renting Chip out for a couple of week?

Renting the Chip costume
by: Melinda Pilbin

Hello I am doing a project for school and I was wondering if I could rent the Chip costume for only a few days. If yes is there any way you could express mail it.

by: Kim Vorse

Would love to rent this for Elementary School production! My son is Chip!

Do you rent the costume?
by: Paola

Please email me at francisandpaola@hotmail,com

Rental? Help
by: Gary

So is rental an option
N? We are doing this play at our church!

Would you be willing to make another?



So sorry I did not get your messages until today
by: Cindy M

I am very pleased to read all of your comments/complements/questions about my Chip costume. I am embarrassed that all of your requests went unanswered. I did not even think to look. I am sorry. The costume was worn several times by my son, worn each subsequent year to the annual fall dance.
It was strong enough to last through those Camio appearances but is not sturdy enough for much more. Thanks again for your comments. It made me smile

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