Wackiest Taylor Swift / Travis Kelce Mashup Costume

Wackiest Taylor Swift / Travis Kelce Mashup Costume

After my 2019 Freddie Mercury / Freddy Kreuger mashup costume went viral, I started thinking about other potential combinations for a future split get-up. It felt like enough time had passed at this point to do the concept again, and since I never repeat the same thing twice I told myself that it had to … Read more

Awesome Headless Horseman Costume

The Headless Horseman

I was inspired by the TV series Sleepy Hollows version of the Horseman. I’ve always thought it would be a cool costume to make as long as the proportions turned out right.

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

What 10yr old doesn’t dream of becoming a corporate mascot? Well this one does. 10 year old Roosevelt is obsessed with brands and wanted to be the Bic Pen logo! He evened built the costume from the giant pen to the dome for his head- cutting and shaping chicken wire. It’s not that he loves … Read more

Cool DIY Jaws Shark Attack Costume – Quint’s Demise!

Quint`s Demise!

I’ve been a fan of Jaws since I was a kid in the 70s. My wife and have also always loved dressing up for Halloween. She’s VERY good with a needle and thread and has some great ideas. We gathered all the materials and I helped where I could but it`s her creativity that brought … Read more

Simple and Creative Wordplay Costume: “Web Server”

Web Server

So our annual work competition this year had a theme related to technology. I decided to put a literal play on words this year. I had a name tag ordered from Amazon which says “Server”. I also bought a pie plate from the dollar store and printed a 3d picture of a computer to set … Read more

Cool Baby Benjamin Franklin Costume

Coolest Baby Benjamin Franklin

For our founding forebaby we used a headband and knitted yarn through all the way around to recreate Benjamin’s hair. For the jacket we hot glued lace ruffles onto the cuffs, and yellow gold fabric over the buttons. For the ascot we used a bib. The buckles on the shoes were hot glued gold fabric. … Read more

Coolest DIY Gatling Pea Shooter Costume from Plants vs. Zombies

Gatling Pea Shooter Costume from Planets vs. Zombies

Every year my oldest grandson asks me to make him his costume. So being the best Nana ever, according to him, of course I take on the challenge. 4 years ago we started with 2 Tales from sonic. But each year it gets more challenging. We’ve done Yeti Chomper, Bendi (last year). But this year … Read more

Cool Last-Minute Day of the Dead Costume

Coco movie in real life

Everything in this Day of the Dead outfit was thrifted. The hat was made by glueing day of the dead skulls, bones, and painting the hat black. His face was painted with face paint with a detailed day of the dead sugar skull inspiration design.

Epic Transformers Unicron The Chaos Bringer Costume

Epic Transformers Unicron The Chaos Bringer Costume

The costume design was inspired from the Transformers character Unicron, his Prime Cartoon incarnation in particular. With the extensive details, my father and I had to take a layered approach. For a base to wear, I wanted something that could flow well with armor, while still effectively conveying the dark energy the character embodies. We … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cardboard Robot Costume

Cool Cardboard Robot Costume with Lights

I started this cardboard robot costume with my son’s wish to be a robot, with a H&M box, masking tape and his Robot drawings. I cut out front and back panels and using my 8 year old size as the guidelines for sizes and measurements. Then, I taped the insides with masking tape until I … Read more

DIY Angler Fish Costume for a Future Marine Biologist

Angler Fish costume for a future marine biologist :)

My son’s birthday is on Halloween, therefore he is very passionate about that holiday. He loves ocean creature and his favorite is Johnson’s angler fish, so that is what he wanted to be on Halloween. I am not a very creative person, but figured I will take on the challenge and create it for him. … Read more

Cool DIY Noah and his Ark Costume

Cool DIY Noah and his Ark Costume

This Noah’s Ark costume was a huge hit at our local church Trunk or Treat we went to. I made the ark out of heavy cardboard that I painted with stain and used plastic screws with backs on them to hold it together. I did use a few zip ties to hold the top together … Read more