Cool DIY Operation Game Costume

Amazing Operation Game Costume

My daughter Katherine is wearing this Operation game costume. We drew the picture on pasteboard then painted it and cut out the game piece parts then cut the same parts out of the cardboard box and then glued the paper to the cardboard. Then we took a top to an understoarge box and painted it … Read more

Coolest Homemade Avatar and Banshee Costumes

Best homemade Avatar and banshee

For the Banshee: I carved the head out of foam and molded eyes with wood putty. I made the long ears with AC covering and wire. Then I painted and used nail polish over the eyes for a gloss. I bought a motorcycle helmet and shoulder pads from OfferUp to attach the wings and head … Read more

Our 100% Handmade McDonalds Family Costumes

The Happiest McDonalds Meal, Handmade

Dad as “The Large McDonalds Drink,” Mom as “The Happy Meal,” and Baby as “The Small Fry” This year, our family’s Halloween costume idea was inspired by our 20-month-old daughter’s newfound obsession with French fries. After she tried McDonald’s French fries for the first time, she couldn’t get enough of them, and they quickly became … Read more

Miss Frizzle: A Blast from the Past


I crafted this Miss Frizzle costume from an old dress and felt; I purchased the wig and shoes. I cut a men’s dress shirt and sewed it onto the sleeves and collar. This costume was met with tremendous enthusiasm – it evoked major nostalgia for 80s and 90s kids. My only regret is not constructing … Read more

Cap’n Crunch and Cereal Costumes: Crunch-a-tize me Cap’n!

Crunch-a-tize me Cap’n!

We create homemade costumes every year for our annual Halloween camping weekend! The cereal box was hand-painted on cardboard that was spray-painted yellow. The captain’s hat was made of foam and covered in blue and yellow felt. The cereal was created from cardboard, a white tablecloth, yellow felt-covered boxes (teachers in the family used math … Read more

Around the World Family Costume

"Around the World"

Our son, Bodie (6), is obsessed with all things geography, so we centered our Halloween costume theme around his love for it. My husband was the pilot, I was a flight attendant, and Bodie was literally the world in an inflatable globe costume draped with world flags. Both my husband’s and my costumes were ordered … Read more

Candy Cane Elf: A Quirky Renaissance Costume with a Twist

Renaissance Candy Cane Elf

Seeking a unique and festive ensemble for the Renaissance Fair’s “Celtic Christmas” theme, I embarked on a creative journey to craft a costume that would embody the spirit of the season while adding a touch of whimsy. A Dazzling Hat: The Foundation of the Costume My costume’s centerpiece was a grand hat crafted from a … Read more

Transforming a Five-Year-Old into Edward Scissorhands: A DIY Costume

Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands DIY Costume for 5 year old

Our family is a year-round fan of Tim Burton’s movies, so when my five-year-old expressed his desire to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween, I was initially unsure how to pull it off. However, we managed to create a fitting and impressive costume using readily available materials, proving that a DIY approach can be just as … Read more

Minecraft Takes Over Halloween: Crafting Herobrine and Giant Alex Costumes

Unleash Your Inner Minecraft Hero with Herobrine and Giant Alex Halloween Costumes

As the new year began, my family embarked on brainstorming ideas for our children’s upcoming Halloween costumes. Tasked with costume design, I found myself pondering over themes and characters that would resonate with my kids. After consulting my sons, I was pleasantly surprised by their clear choices. My 8-year-old insisted on transforming into Herobrine, while … Read more

DIY Corpse Bride Costume: A Halloween Masterpiece

Emily, the Corpse Bride, homemade cosplay

I decided I wanted to be Emily, the Corpse Bride (concept originally by Tim Burton) for Halloween this year since I felt my makeup skills were finally developed enough to be able to pull off the look successfully. I knew I would have to make the costume myself so I started two months early. I … Read more