Cool DIY Ursula The Sea Witch Halloween Costume

Ursula The Sea Witch

We had a very last minute Halloween costume contest a work a few years back so I threw together this Ursula costume the evening before with random things I had lying around the house. It took me a few hours to pull together but I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. I even ended … Read more

Cool DIY Voodoo Doll Costume

Voodoo Doll

I put together this Voodoo doll costume a few years back for a Halloween party and got so many positive reactions. Lots of people wanted to take pictures. The costume was actually super simple to make but not going to lie the one downside it that it was pretty difficult to use the restroom. I … Read more

Cool DIY Headless Horseman Halloween Costume

Headless Horseman

I went to a murder mystery party for Halloween this year and we were each assigned a character. Truth be told I felt a little overwhelmed when I was given the character of the Headless Horseman and didn’t know where to begin but after scrolling the Interwebs for a few days I came up with … Read more