Adorable Home-Sewn Pincushion Costume for a Dog

Sew Adorable Pincushion Costume for a pup)

This is my 5th year creating a homemade costume for my dogs.  In all prior years, my dogs’ costumes have been food related, but this year I decided to do something different.  I recently started sewing and decided the perfect costume would be pincushions for the dogs with me being a pile a of scrap … Read more

Awesome Bag of Jelly Belly Beans DIY Dog Costume

DIY dog costume

Jelly Beans DIY Dog Costume Materials -Water balloons (I used all 3 primary colors) -Many colors of paint -Mod podge (shiny finish) -Clear plastic bag -Clear packing tape -Red ribbon -Stiff felt (in red and yellow) for Jelly Belly logo -Red felt and cardboard for hat Steps to Making the DIY Dog Costume I find food … Read more

Awesome Cotton Candy Homemade Halloween Dog Costume

homemade halloween dog costume

Enjoy reading about my cotton candy inspired homemade Halloween dog costume here! I’ve written out my DIY costume steps so you can try this too. Homemade Halloween Dog Costume Materials -Poly Fil Pillow Stuffing (about 6 lbs for 25 lb dog) -Spray paint in light yellow, light blue, and light pink (1 can of each … Read more