Awesome Homemade Furry Pink Panther Costume

pink panther costume

I finally got around to making the costume I’ve always wanted to make…The Pink Panther!! I have wanted to for years but just didn’t have the time and finally ordered the material and set to work! So, I really don’t have any specifics on how I made my pink panther costume, it was literally all … Read more

Coolest Home Made Mickey and Minnie Deadmau5 Costume (MickeyMau5)

So after thinking long and hard I decided on this year’s Epic Halloween Costume! Ive liked Deadmau5 and a couple years ago made a Mau5head and wanted to make another…but wanted to go bigger and better! Then I thought everyone loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse…why not make Mickey and Minnie Deadmau5? So after some searching … Read more