Cool DIY Headless Costume for a Boy

Homemade Headless Boy Costume

My son’s costume is a Headless Boy Costume. I made it out of a dress coat, a back pack and a lot of imagination! I had such a great time making this costume ! He won first place in our local costume contest and got his picture in the paper! People were taking his picture … Read more

Homemade Robot Halloween Costume

Homemade Robot Costume

This Robot Costume was fun to make. I took two boxes and spray paint, dryer vents and some red duct tape. It was so easy to do. I added some reflectors and some flashing lights to the control panel. It was a little more than I was expecting to spend but it turned out great!

Coolest Homemade Hot Air Balloon Costume

Homemade Hot Air Balloon Costume

I love making costumes and this Hot Air Balloon costume was perfect for my son! I found a basket at a second-hand store and had my dad cut out a circle out of wood the same size as the basket and attached PVC pipe for the polls and another circle for the top, then I … Read more