Coolest Homemade Tetris Costume

Homemade Tetris Costume

My costume is specifically the light blue square Tetris, out of all five of us. My friends and I decided to be the Tetris pieces after seeing a picture of another group of Tetris people online. For the homemade Tetris costume we used cardboard boxes for the base of the shapes, solid color wrapping paper … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ghostbusters Costume

Homemade Ghostbusters Costume

The four of us obviously got this Homemade Ghostbusters Costume idea from the movie “Ghostbusters.” It took awhile to think of what to use for the costume. We used a white hooded suit, that is similar to a hazmat suit – which ended up being extra larges when we got them in the mail, but … Read more