Adorable Homemade Marie Antoinette Costume for a Girl

The idea for the Marie Antoinette¬†costume came to me spontaneously. I started to make a dress from an old shirt, so I threw a piece of old skirts due to lack of materials. On the back it still had a huge ¬†hole so I threw in lace. It was supposed to be a dress for … Read more

Queen of Hearts DIY Costume for a Girl

Queen of Hearts DIY Costume for a Girl

Here is again my Ivona, this time as the Queen of Hearts. The idea I found on the net, I admit, but I sewed all alone without anyone help. Lower part of the dress is my old skirt. I attached on it deck cards and white material, it used to be a scarf, with stitched … Read more

Cool Homemade Ursula Costume

Homemade Ursula Costume

I made this Homemade Ursula Costume for my daughter’s costume party. I asked her what she want’s to be and she said Ursula because she was watching The Little Mermaid cartoon. I’m good with hand sewing so I didn’t use anything else but my two hands, needle, yarn and old materials. First I started with … Read more