Coolest Katy Perry (California Gurls) Costume

Coolest Katy Perry (California Gurls) Costume 17

Well, when I saw the video I knew that I needed to create a costume like that, so I started to make it by myself and this is the result. Here’s a small list of the stuff I used to create this Coolest Katy Perry (California Gurls) Costume: * Big Bonbons – Satin and foam. … Read more

Coolest Christmas Tree DIY Costume

Coolest Christmas Tree Costume

I took the idea from Katy Perry’s Christmas Tree costume. I wanted to make it like a dress, and it had to be awesome (I won the costume contest *-*). I drew the costume, but I’m not a good designer, so I’ll not show the drawing. I used satin and buckram to do it look … Read more