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Coolest Homemade Gravitational Pull Pregnancy Costume 22

by Jessica
(Tacoma, WA, USA)

Homemade Gravitational Pull Pregnancy Costume

Homemade Gravitational Pull Pregnancy Costume

I'm due Nov. 6th and definitely feel like I have my own gravitational pull! We've been in and out of the hospital so I waited till the last minute (really, the night before Halloween I went and bought the stuff) to make this Homemade Gravitational Pull Pregnancy Costume since I wasn't sure if I'd be pregnant for Halloween or not.

So I painted a sun on a piece of black fabric (I just tied the fabric around my belly but I really wish I would have used a black sweatshirt or long sleeve T-shirt), painted Styrofoam balls to look like random planets and secured them with craft wire to a belt around my hips. I used varying lengths of wire so I could make the planets 'orbit at different heights. Voila, solar system in the time it takes a bit of paint to dry.

I used puffy paints because that's what I found
on sale and I'm sure it would have been easier using an actual paint brush with fabric/craft paint if you have the extra time. Also, in retrospect, it would have been nice to take an extra day to put Glow-in-the-Dark paint on it too, but it had the effect I was going for and all of my nerdier friends loved it!

 pregnancy Costume

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Gravitational Pull
by: MaSue

You do me proud, Precious! Very funny!!

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Coolest Confucius Mother to Be Costume 17

by Britt S.
(Moorhead, MN)

Homemade Confucius Mother to Be Costume

Homemade Confucius Mother to Be Costume

I was 7 months pregnant and rather large and in charge when Halloween came around. I was trying to think of a clever costume that would take advantage of my big belly and that wasn't something that EVERY pregnant person has done.

So I had the robe and the hat, they were gifts from my aunt. I wore my plain black maternity pants and a long sleeved shirt underneath so I was warm. I wore white socks with flip flops to match. I put sneakers on later because it gets cold here in MN. It is hard to see in the pictures but I used black eyeliner and made wrinkles near my eyes, and colored in my eyebrows to match my stache. The mustache I purchased at my local Halloween store. For my hair I pulled back for most of the day.

Everyone at worked loved this Confucius Mother to Be Costume and I even won Most Creative for our costume contest. For an added detail if you can recite some of Confucius' wise sayings it adds a nice touch.

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by: Brenda


by: em

hahaha that is funny

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Coolest Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume 18

by Teri E.
(Mokena, Illinois)

Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume

Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume

At almost eight months pregnant, I was forced to get creative to come up with a unique costume that would showcase my growing belly and not try to hide it, so I made this Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume .

First, I took an old pair of overalls and carefully measured and cut a hole in the middle to fit my bare belly. My husband was supposed to do the painting but he had to leave for work early. Not ready to give in so easily, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and started painting myself using regular Halloween face paints and cosmetic make-up brushes.

I was thrilled with the realistic results and VERY surprised by my newly discovered talent! Most people didn’t even know I was pregnant and that the pumpkin was actually my bare stomach until they reached out touched it….their reaction? Priceless!

As word spread, complete strangers were coming up to me. It was a fun day and my older kids were thrilled that mom had such a "cool" costume.

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by: BK

I think this was an awesome idea. It is very hard to tell that was your "belly". Good job!

I love it!
by: Anonymous

That looks great! What type of paint did you use? What colors?

How Cute
by: Anonymous

WoW! That is so cute! Great idea, very creative.

Sweet and lovely
by: Anonymous

Sweet and great idea- looks great and really hard to find out, that the pumpkin is your belly-
wish you all the best for the sweet inside of your "pumpkin" :))
I love the idea

by: Anonymous

I'm 8 months pregnant, and I had no idea what to be for Halloween. That is the coolest idea ever. I guess I know what I am going to be now!!

looking for a costume-34 weeks
by: Anonymous

This is a great costume and it looks too cool. I might just have to borrow this idea!

Very Neat Idea!!!
by: Anonymous

I LOVE it!!! It doesn't even look like your seriously looks like your holding a pumpkin in front of you!!! Very NEAT idea!!! :)

Awesome costume!
by: Ellen

Wow, that is amazing! I didn't realize you hand painted it until I read your story. Great job!! Love it!

by: Anonymous

Wow I was very confused when I read your story that you said you painted it, I had to keep looking at it until I finally realized it was not a real pumpkin!!!

looks awesome!
by: Anonymous

i'm so using this idea! i thought of painting a pumpkin on my stomach but this is too cute and my dad is a great artist!

by: Anonymous

AMAZING! I will need to keep this one in mind when I am pregnant some day!

by: Anonymous

that's to cute when i was pregnant with my 1st baby I painted a pumpkin on my tummy but I never thought of wearing it out. so i end up wear my dads work clothes n went as a fat man but i think Im doing this one this year it just to cute

mom to-be in need of an idea... FAST
by: tori

THIS IS AMAZING!! you really did a wonderful job of painting, i thought that it was a real hollowed out pumpkin!

Thanks a lot!
by: Pregnant mama

I am 8 month pregnant, and I was in search on the costume when I came across your picture. I didn't want to be an over or pregnant nun... so when I read your story, I knew I had to use your idea. I didn't find an overall, but I wore my old jeans, long white tank top (which I had to cut out in the belly area), and a farmer shirt on top. My pumpkin wasn't as realistic as yours, but it was a Jack-O-Lantern, and you are right, at first everyone thought I drew on the shirt, and only after they touched it, they figured it was my bare skin.
Thanks a lot for the idea! It was unique and I had a great time at my own Halloween/BabyShower.

great idea!
by: Anonymous

i love this! i want to do it, but i think it will be too cold to do. I'll be 25 weeks, and I'm really excited! thanks for the idea!

by: bre

that is an amazing costume nice job

great idea!
by: Anonymous

I went a step further and my husband is wearing "farmer" outfit also with a shirt that says... "OFFICIAL PUMPKIN SEED PLANTER"

by: BETH


Too Cute
by: Crystal

I'm gonna have a Halloween baby shower and I was undecided on what to be my shower is on Oct 15 and ill b 35 weeks I loved this idea at first i thought she was holding a pumpkin then i realized it was actually her stomach ;) thanks for the idea..

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Pregnant Belly Costume 12

by Jena Tumlin
(Midland, TX )

Fish Bowl and Kitty Costume

Fish Bowl and Kitty Costume

At almost 7 months pregnant with twins I needed something clever for my costume. I bought a cat set from the Halloween store that had ears, whiskers, tail and collar. I put on a pair of sweats (one of the few things I could fit into) and bought a t-shirt to cut open and a few non toxic paints at the party store.

We started by cutting the shirt up the middle and drawing on the two fish (one for each baby), then painting around with the water, added my kitty gear and some baby powder to keep it from smearing too badly and off we went.

Total Spent: $20

Pregnant Belly Costume

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SO Cute!
by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous


Very cute!
by: Anonymous

what a great idea. I never heard of anyone painting on their pregnant tummies like that before!

by: kristina partain

hey i know her, her name is jena, her costume was awesome just like her. lol I cant wait to see her again.

Wooww :)
by: Kayla!

Yes, this is amazing!! I'm using this this year. It was the only one that my mom approved of :) lol great idea! Thankyou!

oh so cute
by: this chick

i would of never thought of that, this is so cute.. this is a must do for me when i have a baby.

Perfect Idea
by: Anonymous

I am almost 7 months pregnant with twins too! This is a great idea!! Nothing I buy will fit and I'm not sure going as the Scarlet Letter to a church sponsored trick or treat is "kosher" Thanks for the idea.

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