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Coolest Homemade Bun in the Oven Pregnant Couple Costume 19

by Jennifer R.
(St. Paul, MN USA)

Homemade Bun in the Oven Pregnant Couple Costume

Homemade Bun in the Oven Pregnant Couple Costume

Halloween is our favorite holiday! My husband and I have been dressing up and celebrating the joyous tradition for the past 5 years together. We’ve made our costumes instead of buying for a couple of reasons; 1.To save money and 2. It helps us be creative and wear unique attire. We begin planning our costumes months in advance, however this year was different…

On October 4th, we discovered that we are pregnant with our first baby. This happy surprise has drastically changed our costume designs for this year! We made a Homemade Bun in the Oven Pregnant Couple Costume. We spray painted a moving box silver, cut three holes in it for my head and arms, added a back splash, used pipe cleaner for the burners, wooden knobs to the front and added a hand painted bun to complete my part of the costume.

My husband, Dan, borrowed a chef’s hat to wear with an apron filled with a wooden spoon, whisk and oven mitt. To complete his look, he covered his face in flour as he is the baker who put the bun in my oven!

Spray Paint = $5.00
Pipe Cleaner = $2.00
Chef Hat = Borrowed from a friend
Moving Box = free
Having a Bun in my Oven = Priceless!

As you can tell, we look forward to Halloween each year. Now considering the new adventures in our lives to come, we could really use some diaper money!

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by: Anonymous

love it

by: Anonymous

We had friends that did the same idea...they made a clear oven door and she actually painted her 7 month pregnant belly to look like a cinnamon roll! They were the hit of the party!

by: Jennifer Dillard

This is definitely going to be my halloween costume....too cute and inexpensive......

love it!!!

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Coolest Homemade Bun in the Oven Halloween Costume 21

by Rita S.
(Madison, WI, USA)

Homemade Bun in the Oven Halloween Costume

Homemade Bun in the Oven Halloween Costume

I loved the idea of being a "Bun in the Oven" for my Halloween costume, but, being only 16 weeks along, I didn't have a very big "bun" yet.

Still, I wanted to do something fun since I hadn't been pregnant during Halloween for my first child! So I grabbed my favorite apron, printed off a color picture of bread baking in the oven, and typed up baking instructions (Bake with Care! Cook Time Remaining 24 weeks, Expect Finished Bun in Mid-April). I laminated the bread picture and baking instructions, and then stapled them onto my apron. (Hmmm, hope I can pull those off again!)

Then I bought a cheap Chef's hat at a local party store, and brought a few baking spoons with me to parties and trick-or-treating. Voila!

Total Homemade Bun in the Oven Halloween Costume Cost: $2.99 (chef's hat), $1.98 (color printing).

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by: Mother to be

I love your idea and may use it for my first Halloween as a mommy to be! Thanks for the creative idea!

I'm due at the same time
by: Erin

Thanks for this idea! My "bun" is not very big yet either since I will be due April 12ish next year. I like how simple and inexpensive this idea is.

Love It!!!
by: Mommy's First

Thanks for the Great Idea.. I am Due Late April So this Works Great For Me!!!

by: FirstTimeMommy

Loveeee this idea!!! I am going to use it.. I have a big bun :) due Dec 8th.. Where did u find that oven I really like yours? Thanks for the great idea!

Love it
by: Anonymous

What a great low budget idea. My bin will be here in January so plenty big thanks for the great idea!!

That's perfect!
by: Cori1312

I only have 10 weeks remaining "bake time". This is just perfect! Thanks!

Love the idea
by: cindy

I think I just found my costume idea! This is great! And being due in April this works just great!

Great idea!
by: Laura

I love your idea because I can wear it (comfortably) to work and I too am not showing much yet. I knew I wanted to do a bun in the oven but I love that you took it a step farther and got an apron, hat and utensils. So cute! Thank you for posting this!! I am definitely going to 'copy' your idea!

by: Jeri P

I am going to add Bake at WOMB TEMPERATURE...Hehehe.

by: firsttimemoomy

This looks comfortable im due at any time so comfort is a big thing

Very Cool
by: Marilee

I completely love you idea! I would much rather not carry around a cardboard box all day and thanks to you i wont have to! This is a very cool idea; very creative!

by: Anonymous

yes. I love this... where did you get your oven pic?

Awesome Idea! Very Creative!
by: Stacy

I was getting so tired of searching for costume ideas. Since I am at 28 weeks, I'm having a hard time finding a costume that fits and is comfortable! This costume is perfect for work! Also, It will last through the 2 parties I'm going to this weekend! Thank You for your creativity!

Great idea!
by: Anonymous

I really want to do this too! SO much easier than hauling a big cardboard box around! Can you post a link to the oven pic you used - I can only seem to find the same one super small through Google Images ... it gets all pixelly when I blow it up :( Thanks!!

by: Anonymous

I am 32 weeks and also didn't feel like wearing a cardboard box. Thanks for the great idea! Also, I found the same oven image on a Google search and I copied and pasted it to Microsoft Word. Then you can enlarge and print it there. Hope that helps! Happy Halloween and good luck ladies!

Looks Great!
by: 28 weeks

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and just made this costume for a Halloween party. I was able to find the exact oven if you just Google 'bun in the oven' and click on images. However I decided to take it as a model and make my own oven. It was really easy to make. My husband is going as the Bun Maker. Can't wait to show it off tonight. Total cost for both of us: $8.99

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Coolest Homemade Bun in the Oven Costume 42

by Leilany
(Poway, CA)

Homemade Bun in the Oven Costume

Homemade Bun in the Oven Costume

I am 7 months pregnant and decided to make a homemade costume that only cost me $10. I picked up a recycled box, spray paint for $2.39 at Home Depot, went to 99cents store to buy 4 apple slicers to create a stove and used my timer I had at home and stuck the pans and cookie tray with the glue gun and got my hat at Michael's for $1.30.

This Homemade Bun in the Oven Costume came out great.

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