Zombie The Strong Man Illusion Costume

Man I thought this Zombie The Strong Man illusion costume was gonna be easy to build but once I got started I kept hitting roadblocks. Not having an engineering degree I somehow got it done!! Talk about being the hit of a Halloween Party, I felt like a Rock Star posing for probably a 100 + photos. What a blast!

I first started off by making a mannequin of an upper torso, stuffed it with cotton and attached an old backpack to it in order to hold straps around it and then around me. Next I used a Styrofoam head, put the Zombie mask over it and stuffed it with an old broomstick so that this would be its spine. Next I got a green beans can, made 2 slits through it and stuffed a belt through the slits and secured it around my waist  (the broomstick would go into the can which was positioned behind my back and this was how the Zombie stayed 1 1/2 feet above my head).

I found a real thick computer box and cut a hole in the bottom large enough to fit around my waist nice and snug. The box was able to stay up without any other supports. I made some fake legs and attached them with twist ties to the box.

Last, I found a Dracula costume (long blck cape) at a garage sale and cut an 18 inch slit around waist level and this was where l would stick my real legs through and lift the bottom of the cape up to the bottom of the box making it look like it was part of the Zombies body.