Daddy as Muno, Mommy as Plex, and Ansley as Foofa. It was a great Yo Gabba Gabba family Halloween costume. All the kids wanted to take pictures with us. Plex took the most amount of time to make. Used a hamper for the body, and bucket for the head, soda cans for the ears, Styrofoam ball for the antenna.

The arms are dryer vent exhausts. For Foofa we used a pattern for a pumpkin for babies, since our little one is small we used that pattern and cut out the flower out of felt. Muno was a little free hand. Just traced other clothes we had and sewed it together. The head was a foam sheet that was rolled up and sewed at the top to make it rounded. That part was pretty tough.

All in all, they came out very well and we were the highlight of the parties we went to.