World’s Cuddliest Vampire: Authentic Bunnicula Costume

Be a creature with character. Reread Bunnicula to pick up clever clues for your vampire-bunny costume.
Warning: Costume description contains spoilers for your 4th grade reading list!

Step 1: Match Bunnicula’s hairstyle to look the part 

Bunnicula is a white bunny with a large black spot down his back. Chester, the cat who positions himself as Bunnicula’s nemesis, described the spot as “a strange v-shape, which connected with the big black patch that covered his back and each side of his neck. It looked as if he was wearing a coat . . . no, more like a cape than a coat.” Classic vamp.

Style your hair however you like. The key is to wear a pale dress or white outfit and top it with a black cape, shrug or bolero. I wore a faux fur caplet (mini cape) to add to my fuzzy features.

Step 2: Choose your lucky rabbit’s feet

Plenty of pawsibilities: Uggs, bunny slippers, fuzzy stilettos. Wear something soft, or stick to black and white.

Step 3: Hop to it.

Wear a headband or hat with black or white bunny ears. Add a cottontail in case the ears didn’t clue your admirers in to the fact that you’re no ordinary vampire. You could even get extra fuzzballs to clip to your shoes, like a certain faery of the silver screen.

Bunnicula has red eyes. Of course you could try red contact lenses, but if that’s not your style, you could achieve the same effect by wearing red sunglasses or simply using red / pink / berry eyeshadow and mascara.

Step 4: Make sure your costume bites

Attach vampire fangs over your top canine teeth. Guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of artichokes everywhere. Give yourself an extra 20-30 minutes for mixing adhesive, attaching and drying (and perhaps researching fang tutorials on YouTube).

Step 5: Give yourself props

You’ll want to carry a classic like Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery or The Celery Stalks at Midnight. Some of the ghouls you’ll meet as Bunnicula will have not yet learned to fear toothy cottontails. Be prepared to show a gruesome book covers to chill their blood.

Bring white vegetables. Farmers markets or health-food stores may sometimes provide heirloom vegetables, like white carrots. Pumpkin patches may also sell white gourds. Cauliflower (Bunnicula broccoli) will do in a pinch.  Avoid garlic!

Fuzzy cape and bunny ears