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Awesome Wonder Woman Costume Based on Her New Look

DIY Costume Inspired by Gal Gadot

This Wonder Woman costume is based on the latest Superman vs Batman movie. There is only one picture out showing it so far so I kind of had to make some stuff up! It took me about two months to make this costume!  I made the entire top, bracelets and tiara out of buckram and I shaped it molded it and layered it.

All About Buckram

Some background on buckram, if you’ve never used it before. Buckram is a very stiff cotton that is an amazing base for costumes. It’s mostly used for bookbinding but it gives an incredible structure for clothing and accessories. If you’re interested in using buckram, you have to choose the right type, then cut out your pattern, baste it and then sew it to make your costume.

Buckram is very dense and hard. It is very bendable and moldable which made it ideal for my costume making.

Completing my Wonder Woman Costume

Finishing the Bodice

After that I painted all of the parts and put them together.

Making The Skirt

In order to make the skirt, I bought vinyl by the yard and cut it into shapes.

Constructing The Straps

The strap part was made from belts I got in the men’s section!  They started off at size 50!

The Golden Lasso of Truth

My lasso is el wire and lights up (it looks way cooler in the dark obviously).

Getting The Boots

The boots I bought because I was worn out from making everything else!

Ready to Fight for Justice

I haven’t worn it out of the house yet. My first party is coming up in 4 more days and I cannot wait! If I had a choice I would wear it every single day and do some world saving.

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