Wonder Woman Costume

This Wonder Woman costume is a work in progress costume. I improve on it every year. It’s the only sewing I do so my skills don’t improve much from one year to the next. I look forward to Halloween all year so I can wear it.

I really lucked out on fabric this year. I’m busty so the bodice is a challenge. I started with a slutty devil costume type thing I bought in Hollywood. It’s one of those Playboy bunny type maillot things with boning in the bodice.

To that I added the gold trim which is an awesome metallic fabric. I used the same fabric to form the belt, tiara and bracelets. The belt uses a pattern for a fitted bodice. The bottom is a spandex with silver stars. The Lasso is an upholstery cording. The boots come from downtown LA. I trimmed them with Masking Tape.:)

I’m not wearing the wig here but damn, it looks good with the wig. The night I wore it with the wig I didn’t have a camera (no pockets) and all my friends were too inebriated to photograph it.

5 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Costume”

  1. I found the star spangled fabric at Levines in Downtown LA. This year I made a skirt and appliqued stars onto it. Hope that helps!

  2. I just want to say that you have done an awesome job and have won me over to even try something like this. I have created my version of Wonder Woman and I thank you for your help! Check me out when you get a chance and tell me what you think. Of course I think that everyone who have submitted pics did a great job, and I thanks appreciate everyone’s ideas.

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